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Top Medicine Must Haves for Babies

Tis the season! All of the wonders of the holidays – the lights, the decorations, the food, the family time, the days away from the office….and the sicknesses. We do our part at home by keeping a clean(ish) house, washing our hands and staying up to date on flu shots and vaccinations. Daycare does their part by keeping a sanitized area for the kids to play, but inevitably your baby is going to catch SOMETHING from SOMEWHERE. After 1 week of daycare, Dawson got her first “cold.” I had NOTHING on hand and asked my Insta – fam for some guidance. Ya’ll came through on your recommendations, so I thought I would do a blog post on my top medicine must haves. Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post! They carry everything you need during this jolly, but snotty season!

  1. Nose Frida – the concept is so disturbing, but you get over that real quick when your baby can’t breathe due to a stuffy nose. It’s definitely a 2 person job – Chris usually holds her head and I do the “sucking.”
  2. Saline Spray – We use the mist because someone said it was better than the drops. She hates it but we will spray, wait 20 seconds, the use the Nose Frida to suck. Again, not a glamorous life but it WORKS!
  3. Humidifier – this was the #1 rec from my followers, so it was the first thing I ordered. We use is every single night now whether she’s sick or not.
  4. Medicine Dispenser – most medicines come with their own dispenser but we have this one too that we are better about keeping up with.
  5. Essential Oil Diffuser – I am just going to LOL at myself for this one because I am officially one of “those” people. This one is great because it’s also a humidifier. We diffuse the oils in her room from the time we get home through the night. When she’s sick we use Eucalyptus and when she’s not we use Lavender.
  6. Thermometer – I’ll spare you a description here.
  7. Zarbee’s Chest Rub – Lots of feedback on this. People were very anti Vicks Vapor Rub for babies. My mom used to lather me up and down for my entire childhood and I turned out alright, I think. Zarbee’s is the “safer” option that wasn’t around when I was a baby. It’s a little less potent than Vicks but seems to work well.
  8. Zarbees Cough Syrup – we have not had to use this yet, because she hasn’t had a cough, but I made this purchase anyways to be ready!
  9. Boogie Wipes – they’re exactly what you think. Moist, saline wipes that you can get the dried ring around the nostril. YUM.
  10. Tylenol for Infants – because our pediatrician said so.

Hopefully this helps some of my fellow newbie parents who were feeling just as helpless and clueless as we were. Stay well, friends! Thanks for reading!

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