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In case ya’ll didn’t know, parenting is hard, but thankfully there are lots of items that make it a little bit easier. This post is long overdue, but I’ve partnered with Walmart to show you some of our favorite products that we use on a daily basis. These items are great to add to your registry if you’re expecting.

  1. White Noise Machine – we use this during naps and every night when she sleeps. It’s soothing to her and it also drowns out the other noises that may cause her to wake up. I love this one because it’s wireless and portable. This will be my go to gift for any future baby showers.
  2. Diaper Genie – some people said this wasn’t worth it for them but I think it’s fabulous! No one, I mean NO ONE wants to smell those dirty diapers and the genie contains those smelly odors.
  3. Bouncer – Dawson isn’t a big swing gal – we tried the mamaroo, the rock n play and a traditional swing and she didn’t seem to love any of them. Let’s be honest though, the child loves to be held #spoiled. But when I’m getting ready, I put her in the bouncy chair next to my vanity and she stays content the whole time!
  4. Boppy Pillow – I use this one for when I’m nursing her, but lately we’ve been using this one on our kitchen counter so she’s included in the cooking and eating of dinner. We even practice tummy time on it.
  5. Dockatot – I didn’t register for one of these, but as much as she loves being held and cuddled when she sleeps, I decided to try it. She sleeps in this every night! It’s pricey, but worth it in my opinion.
  6. Bath Chair – this is going to sound odd, but we still haven’t bathed her in this. Instead, we set this on the bathroom counter before and after her bath to change her. She loves it! Chris also uses this chair when he takes her on the back porch because it’s easy to rinse off.
  7. Wipe Warmer – you might not think it’s necessary, but I promise your baby will silently thank you! A cold wipe at 3AM is a shock to their system, but this is much more comfortable for her.
  8. Baby Monitor – we nap her in her crib at least once a day on the weekends, and when we do we use this monitor. I prefer having something to physically hold rather than having an app on my phone because I have to remember to open the app to see her. This monitor also has GREAT reviews!
  9. Halo Bassinet – I have talked about this one before, but it is used every single night in our house. It’s super convenient for me when she wakes in the middle of the night to feed and I can easily grab her out of it. People have asked me if it’s worth it – 10/10 recommend!
  10. Swaddle blankets – the holy grail of baby products! I would be a walking zombie without these swaddle blankets. Do yourself a favor and buy the Velcro swaddles. It makes your life so much easier rather than wrapping a blanket around your baby and them easily getting out of it. I like the ones that hold her arms down. Quick story – the other night she woke up at midnight (very unusual) so I got her out of her bassinet and she had wiggled her way out of her swaddle and woke herself up. When she can’t move those arms, she sleeps so much better (and so do we)! If you think your baby hates being swaddled, I encourage you to keep trying!

September is a great time to shop baby items from Walmart because they’re having a semi – annual baby event with over 700 deals and Rollbacks! Click here to go to the “Baby Savings” category to see how you can save. The high chair I’ve had my eye on is $60 off right now, so that’s in my cart. Below are some other products that we are currently loving.

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