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The Last Bumpdate

“I’m in a glass case of emotion!” – me the last few weeks of pregnancy

In typical Christy fashion, my emotional self has been all over the place lately. While I am excited to experience the said “love at first sight,” I have had a lot of anxiety leading up to Baby K’s birthday. We’re as prepared as we could be as far as buying things – she can sleep here, swing here, stroll here, bathe here. It’s the unknown that has my nerves all over the place.

I’ve also been the weirdo that has enjoyed (almost) every minute of pregnancy. I’m so so so thankful to have had an easy 9 month journey and will absolutely miss this belly and movement. Every night we lay in bed and feel her move and wonder what position she’s in and what body part we just felt. It has been my favorite part about pregnancy!

Labor and delivery and all the things that come with it sound terrifying! I have heard every story and scenario possible it seems – good, bad and ugly. They do all have the same ending though: a beautiful baby that they’re madly in love with. That ending coupled with the fact that people have babies every single day is what I keep telling myself. For reasons of convenience (and my doctor is 100% ok with it) I am being induced this week. Please keep us in your thoughts in prayers – specifically for the medical staff, my nerves and a safe delivery for our baby girl. I look forward to introducing the Bay-by Blonde to all of you! Thank you for your continued support throughout the last 9 months.

Without further ado, I’m finally sharing some of my maternity photos from my session with Julie Adamson at Paisley Studios Photography. YALL. There are not enough nice words in this world to describe this experience and the kindness Julie radiates. She is GOLD! Mother of 4, the woman does it all! She’s an expert DIY-er, chef, hostess, wife, photographer and creative genius. @paisleystudiosphotography on IG.

I was welcomed to her home studio with coffee, snacks and a smile that literally never left her face the entire 4 (yes 4) hours I was there! Julie offers families a large wardrobe selection filled with name brands (Fillyboo, Free People, BHLDN) to choose from for your session. We chose to shoot inside so I was able to play dress up and try on lots of options!

I was super hesitant about getting maternity photos taken, because honestly I thought “what will I do with these and why do I want to remember being this large and in charge?” NO REGRETS! Hands down one of the best photo experiences of my life.

 I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman and excited to share some of my favorites with all of you! Hard to believe it’s almost time to close this pregnancy chapter and transition into our new role as parents. Stay tuned…

Hair: @kswear_hair on IG

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