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Cora Dawson’s Birth Story

I guess now is as good a time as any to share Dawson’s birth story. Thankfully, it wasn’t very eventful, but I did want to write it all down before I forget any details.

Her due date was 6/6/19, but for convenience (my doc is in Mobile, I’m in Daphne) we decided to schedule an induction. I had a positive experience, but know that not everyone does.

On the night of 5/29, Chris and I checked into the hospital to begin the induction process. Earlier that day I got a pedicure, had lunch with my sister, finished packing and cried…a lot. You see, pregnancy was my jam! Call me a weirdo, but I loved being preggo –  feeling those kicks, having that belly and knowing she was with me all the time – it was the best. I also was NOT ready to have a baby. Sounds terrible, right? And maybe I’m wording it wrong. Change is hard for me. I’m a selfish homebody that loves my alone time with my husband. I feared the labor, the getting her home, the recovery, the whole life as you know it changing – it all terrified me. I also worried about the toll it would take on my marriage. It had just been us for 4 years and I knew the dynamic would change – some positive, some negative. So I cried…that morning when I woke up knowing that would be the last time I woke up in my bed without having a baby…I cried in the shower….after lunch with my sister…packing my last few things…before we left the house standing in her room…on our way to the hospital….during our last meal as a family of 2….I cried.

When we checked into the hospital, I was so nervous and anxious. Chris and I arrived around 8PM, got to our room where I immediately had to change into the hospital gown and answer 50 questions about myself. I got my IV (2x, the first one blew – ouch), and all of the monitors hooked up to check on the baby girl. They check my cervix (about 3cm) and inserted the Cervadil to help induce labor.

Once we got settled, I made Chris pull his bed (couch) right next to mine so we could still sleep next to each other. Sleep…lol… I didn’t sleep for 1 minute that night. I was so uncomfortable- I couldn’t position my IV arm without it feeling awkward. I had monitors on my belly, my bed was not “my” bed and obviously I was anxious. Everyone said “they’ll give you an Ambien when you get there to sleep.” False. They didn’t even offer it and when we asked they were like “I mean we can?” So I didn’t sleep.

The next morning they came in to remove the Cervadil, checked my cervix and I had only progressed another cm. They started the Pitocin to kick it in high(er) gear. My new nurse had to reposition my IV because the drip wasn’t dripping right. That felt great (insert sarcasm). Our families started to trickle in shortly after and that was a fun distraction for me. The next few hours I kept waiting for those awful contractions everyone talks about. My nurse checked on me several times and kept asking “are you sure you’re not in any pain?” I felt pressure but not really any pain. It felt like a mild period cramp. Finally she said “you’re blood pressure says you’re in pain,” so I said what they hay let’s get the epidural. I thought it would take at least an hour for the anesthesiologist to get to the room, but he was there in less than 10 minutes. They cleared the room and I got that “good good” – it was pretty painless, but after I laid back down I started feeling awful.

I got the shakes and suddenly got so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open. My all-nighter was catching up to me, so I laid on my side to rest. My family came back in for a while but left shortly after to go grab lunch while I tried to get a nap. While they were gone, baby girl’s heart rate spiked so 3 nurses ran in, flipped me on my other side because I couldn’t move my legs (thx epidural), turned off the Pitocin, and put an oxygen mask on me. I was SO tired that I didn’t even panic. I thought to myself “well I’m in the hospital and they know what they’re doing.” Chris and my sister walked in the room after lunch, saw the oxygen mask and were like “OMG what happened?!” All I said was “she’s fine, I’m fine.” I’m telling you, I don’t think I’ve ever been that tired in my life! Things went back to normal, and I continued to lay there with my eyes closed while the rest of my family sat in the room. I don’t think I ever fell asleep with all that was going on and I remember thinking “how on earth am I going to have the energy to push this baby out?” *See my most flattering photo below* 

A little before 5, I sat up and opened my eyes. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. It felt like she was pushing against my ribs. I asked the nurse if she would check me. “I thinkkkk you’re about 9cm, but let me go get the head nurse to come check you.” Head nurse comes in “You’re ready to push!” Cue the tears. I lost it…again. I thought I had more time to mentally prepare (I would never be prepared enough). I told Chris to come pray with me.

I had an audience.  My mom and Chris’ mom were in the room and both of my sisters. When I tell people that they are so surprised, but I was in the room during my sisters deliveries, and I am the least modest person. I loved having them there to experience her grand arrival

The nurses started bringing in all of the equipment and got the bed prepped. There was even a nurse in there specifically to watch Chris in case he started to faint. My doc walked in, and I started pushing. I think I pushed about 6 times and she was born at 5:30PM on 5/30. I was so surprised by how cute she was. The first thing I noticed were here little ears and light hair. We did skin to skin for the first hour and tried to nurse. After that our families got to come in and meet Miss Cora “Dawson” Kuglar.

Cora was Chris’ grandmother’s name, Dawson is my maiden name. My dad has 2 sisters and 3 daughters so Dawson ends with him – I have always wanted to name my first born Dawson – boy or girl. People have been asking us what we’re calling her. Answer: I’m calling her Dawson, Chris is calling her Cora Dawson. Mostly we refer to her as baby girl, sugar, sweet pea, or angel. She’s going to be v confused 🙂

So how am I doing now? My tune has completely changed. I kept telling people “I can’t believe how much I like her!” I think she’s the best! Our marriage has some added challenges now, but there really is nothing like seeing your husband holding your baby to make you melt into a puddle. We are both wrapped and wouldn’t have it any other way. I won’t lie though, parenting is hard a brings a whole new level of exhaustion that I’ve never known.

Our girl is dramatic, tiny, silly and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It was such a wonderful day and I am so thankful to God for every minute of it. It’s Dawson’s world and we’re so lucky to live in it! Thanks for re- living her birthday with me! Click here to view her newborn photos taken by the talented Julie Adamson with Paisley Photography.

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  1. I love this!!! So happy for y’all!

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