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4 Months with Baby D

4 month update.

Each stage is getting more and more fun! Dawson turned 4 months old on September 30 and it’s wild how everything and nothing has changed since she was born. You don’t realize how quickly it goes by and how different she is until you look through pictures of the teeny tiny girl we brought home from the hospital. She is so much more alert and aware now and smiles all the time – unless of course a camera is in her face.

At her 4 month checkup, she weighed 13.9 lbs and was 23.5 inches long (6.5lbs and 19 inches at birth). She is still 100% on mama’s milk or what we call “good good.” I’m so proud of that! She had been sleeping in her bassinet in our room but never completely through the night. Her doc recommended transitioning her out of the swaddle and into her room. We tried it last Monday night and it was just too much for me. As soon as I walked in my bedroom and saw the empty bassinet, I squalled. It’s all happening so fast! She woke up shortly after going down and Chris and I decided it would be best to keep her in our room 1 more night. She slept great!

The next night we tried again. It wasn’t pretty but she stayed in her room all night. She woke up several times and only wanted mama to nurse and go back to sleep. Each night got a little bit better and finally that Friday, she slept through the night. I woke up at 5:30AM, picked up the monitor and Chris said “I’ve already been in there to check on her.” I felt so rested and proud of my girl! When she woke up at 7, I smooched her all over! Gosh I love that baby! She did great again the next night, so hopefully we are on the up and up! She is still swaddled but only on her lower half so her arms are free. Those arms stay up above her head now.

She’s slowly growing out of her newborn clothes which makes me so sad! Time really does fly with her – especially weekends. She has been with my mom since I went back to work at the end of August, but she started daycare today. I bet you can guess what I did. I cried. Have ya’ll learned that about me yet? I’m a crier. I know it’ll be good once we’re going, but it’s another milestone and adjustment for all of us.


  • “Riding the horsey and whipping the donkey” with her daddy. I need to sneak a video of this!
  • Mama’s milk
  • Putting her fingers in her mouth – she has found her thumb consistently now
  • Her changing pad – she loves laying up there and having someone talk to her
  • Bath time
  • Sitting up in her bumbo seat
  • Napping on her tummy (supervised)
  • Being outside
  • Strolling
  • Being entertained


  • Riding in the car – she cries almost the entire time – SOS
  • Waking up – this is getting a little bit better but she is not a happy camper when she wakes up
  • Naps – she fights those
  • Pacifier – she took it to begin with but has recently stopped taking it
  • Strangers (hopefully this gets better with daycare)
  • Dirty diapers

Speaking of diapers, we recently made the switch to Parent’s Choice diapers, wipes, shampoo and lotion and have been loving it! Smells great and works well with her skin. My sister actually told me about Walmart’s exclusive baby brand, so when they reached out to me to collaborate it was an easy YES especially since I was already using it. We use these diapers, these wipes and this shampoo. I order them online and get free 2 days shipping! The products that we’ve used are high quality and a great value! Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post!

Just so ya’ll are aware, I never push products that I don’t use and love. There are times when a brand reaches out that doesn’t fit The Bay Blonde and even though it might come with money or free products, I cannot and do not want it because I don’t want to be dishonest.

Her changing pad, cover, shelves, diaper genie, wipe warmer and bath tub are linked below.

Photos by @hazelbaycreative

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